Why does BTS have to go to the military?

BTS announced that all its members will fulfill their military service starting with the oldest member Jin, the band’s agency, Big Hit Music said Monday.

The announcement comes amid ongoing discussions at the National Assembly on revising the Military Service Act to exempt the seven members of BTS from military service to recognize their contribution to the country’s culture industry, or at least to partially allow their group activities during the service.


1. Discussions over BTS military service


There was a lot of chatter around BTS’ mandatory military service for past few years.

Considering their contribution to K-pop in the global market and their activities bringing economic boom to South Korea, fans were sure they receive a special exemption.

But BTS finally announced that all members will fulfill their military service, and It’s a shocking news!!

Jin, the oldest member of K-pop juggernaut BTS, will begin his compulsory military duty soon.

The agency said the other members will fulfill their duty one by one according to their individual plans, adding they thought it is the right time to make the announcement after finishing a concert in Busan on Saturday to support the city’s bid to host World Expo 2030.

The agency and the members hope they will be able to resume group activities in 2025 (after all of them finish the service), but for now it is not easy to specify exactly when it will be.

So each member will focus on individual activities for the time being according to their military service schedule.

2. Bitter short ending for group and solo activities of members


At first in 2022 BTS stopped performing as a group so it terrified ARMY and all K-pop fans.

They considered it as a disband for BTS but members right after that rumor they talked to ARMY in lives they promised to comeback again as BTS.

They started their solo activities and BTS jhope revealed his album “jack in the box” as the first solo of the group.

Indeed cool shocking album. (If you know you know!)

J-HOPE album
J-HOPE album
J-HOPE album
J-HOPE album

3. Rumors coming true


So there was a rumor about these solo activities, very scary and sad rumor for ARMY around the world…

rumor of BTS members military service!

They were making sad videos about missing them being all together performing.


And finally after a while big hit finally made that scary rumor happen..

Jin, who is expected to join the military first, plans to start solo activity.

He announced at the Busan concert wishing to host the 2030 World Expo on October 15th that he would release a solo album after J-Hope.

Other members also plan to focus on individual activities for the time being.

4. When they gonna comeback as a group again?

Yes, they’re gonna leave ARMY till 2025 but for gathering all together ASAP, it seems like they all gonna join army soon so they will comeback at 2025 as a group again.

And they will performing together like before making cool songs and showing their different charms and high potentials.

Let’s be strong armys!!

Let’s wait for them in magic shops that they brought to us!💜

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